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Be a Dentist

The health of the teeth, jaws and mouth are the concern of dentists. Dentistry is a wide field and many dentists after they basic degree in dentistry would go on further courses /trainng to specialize in a particular aspect. A Dentist is a general practitioner just as there is the GP or general practitioner you consult at a medical clinic. Specialities in the dental field include an Endodontist, an Orthodontist, a Periodontist, an Oral Surgeon or an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. If the Dentist thinks that you have a problem that needs a specialist to treat, then she should refer you that specialist for further treatment and not try to do something that she is not equipped to do. As in a medical practice, ethics plays an important role in this profession.


Profile of a Dentist

Do you want to get your teeth into the dental profession? Will you be the doctor of oral hygiene the way a general practitioner (GP) does for general health? A bad toothache causes misery and having few or no teeth takes away the pleasure of eating. So if it is your mission to get to the root of such misery and to improve the health and quality of patients' lives, then dentistry may be for you.


A degree in Dental Surgery is a must.

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