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Career Connections


Going overseas to study for your degree is a very exciting prospect but it is only one part of your continuous professional development journey. Upon graduation the next stage of that journey is successfully gaining a rewarding professional career. This is a very significant and often a challenging stage particularly as you are returning back home from overseas ventures.

We, at Transnational Education, understand how crucially important this stage is and therefore we offer a free service to assist you in seeking out the career of your dreams. We are committed to ensuring that you are aware of the best career opportunities across all the industrial and commercial sectors available to you. We are also committed to ensuring that your future employer knows all about you. Our strong links with public and private organizations provides us with an up-to-date list of opportunities available to you.

Career Connections is our web portal for connecting students, graduates and employers together. It allows you to post your resume and transcript results so that a potential employer is given the opportunity to track your development at university. It gives you the chance to impress your future employer as you progress through your academic studies. In this way employers are actively pursuing you.

Career Connections also allows companies to post career opportunities on the site so that you can get a sense of what is popular regarding careers and also allowing you to show your interest in any particular career opportunity.

Key features that are important regarding Career Connections are:

  • For Students and Graduates (click here to submit resume)
  • Submit your profile and resume on-line
  • Update your resume as you proceed through your academic studies
  • Search for job postings by sector and make an on-line inquiry
  • Get tips on how to write the perfect resume
  • For Employers (click here to contact us)
  • Profile students to identify those with the best potential
  • Match your future employee to your company requirements
  • Select the best student to adapt to the culture of your company

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If you are interested in access to our extensive database of graduates and our career matching service, please e-mail us at careerconnections@transnationaleducation.com.my.